How Do You Keep Your Smile Looking Its Best

We would all like to have beautiful teeth? Brushing alone will not help you achieve this! To have truly beautiful teeth requires more than just brushing and a good dental insurance plan. You can make a big difference to your smile by putting a little extra effort into taking care of your teeth. By following a few simple steps you can keep your teeth and mouth looking healthy for a lifetime.
Here are some simple techniques for gorgeous teeth:

  • Understand what your teeth need in order to stay healthy. Don’t be put off by the cost of hygeinist visits, as any good dental insurance policy will cover the cost of these. As we are all individuals, so are our own particular oral conditions, so talk to your hygienist or dentist about any particular health issues which may affect yours. This is the only way that your dentist can help you keep your teeth looking great.
  • General health or medical conditions may have an effect on your oral health. Be sure to tell you dentist if there have been any changes to your general health; pregnancy, heart disease, diabetes and cancer treatments can all have an affect on your dental health and may require a change to your oral care routine.
  • Tell your dentist what medications you are currently taking. It is important to tell your dentist if any existing medications have been changed, as some medicines can have an effect on your teeth.
  • If you remember to communicate clearly with your dentist you will find it easier to maintain beautiful teeth. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your dentist where you can feel comfortable to speak with them about any personal or important issues relating to your teeth and mouth. You can only get the best dental care and advice possible if your dentist knows about anything with may affect your oral health.

Some helpful tips summarised

  •  Keep a journal with questions that you may want to ask your dentist.
  •  Remember to take the journal to your dentist’s office – because it is very frustrating  when we have questions in our head to ask and when we get there, we are so  preoccupied with other issues that we forget to ask.
  •  Make sure you tell your dentist if you are sick.
  • You also need to tell your dentist about any recent medical issues.
  • Any changes to your medication should be reported to your dentist as well.
  • If you have any inflammation in your mouth don’t wait for the problem to become serious or the pain to get worse – call your dentist.

The key to helping your teeth to stay beautiful is to communicate with your dentist. It is part of your dentist’s job to help you maintain healthy, beautiful teeth; don’t be afraid to talk to them so they can help you achieve this.