Top Things To Do In Calgary

The city of Calgary is considered to be one of the wealthiest in all of Canada as not only are there big investment firms established here, but part of the economy of the city comes from the great portion received by the province of Alberta in the oil industry. Calgary is a great metropolis that has the hustle and bustle of life and activity, similar to what you will find in other modern cities or metropolis from all over the world.  Of course, with every city, there will always be something to do that may be exclusive to just the city.  This is no wonder why many of the best things to do in Calgary are in abundance.

The province of Alberta has wide land areas.  The vast plains, hills, and other landscape areas of the province is rich and riddled with oil reserves, and money that comes from the oil industry has greatly helped in influencing the progress and development of the city.   Inevitably, Calgary has soon become a great metropolis where people and businesses can enjoy life and work without much stringent constraints on taxes.  Salaries of employees in Calgary are tax exempt.

The people of Calgary are very good-natured.  Perhaps this is the main difference that can be safely pointed out as the people here are simply friendly, kind, warm, and good-natured people.  While this is without doubt true, one can never really truly be bottled up at home without trying some of the many things to do here.

Calgary Zoo – located on St. George’s Island, the Calgary Zoo has been around in as early as the 1912s, the year of the founding of the zoo.  The main thing that makes the Calgary Zoo a very special place is that the zoo is actually home to many rare and endangered species.  There is also a botanical garden located within the island that those who are fascinated with botany can appreciate.  The best time to visit the Calgary Zoo is said to be during the spring where many of their captive animals spring out newborn babies where you can even view the feeding of the newly born animals.

Canada Olympic Park – Visit to Calgary will never be considered as complete without visiting the WinSport Canada Olympic Park.  The Park was held its spectacled Winter Olympic Games back in 1988 and is very the legacy of the park itself.  Plenty of Canadian athletes reached the podium during the games and has allowed Canada to reach new heights in the Winter Olympic Games.  Visiting the park has its perks.  Not only do you get a great vantage point, being able to see a great view of the city down below, but you also get to ride ziplines, mountain bike trails, bobsleigh ride, and other winter sports that are simply perfect for adrenaline junkies.  For those who prefer slow-paced fun, there is an 18-hole mini-golf as well as souvenir shops where you can buy all the goodies to remember your visit.

Heritage Park – the Heritage Park is a must-see for all those who visit the City for the first time.  Those who have kids would want to make this as one of the places to visit.  Visiting the park will take you back in time, back in the 1860s where some of Calgary’s Wild West ancestry was more abundant.  Here you will find costumed staff re-enacting the daily life from the people of that time.  You can even take a ride on a horse-drawn wagon, a paddle-wheeler boat, or on a still-functioning steam locomotive.  Visiting the Gasoline Alley Museum will give you a better understanding of Calgary’s past and history.