Top Things to Do When Visiting Canada

Canada is a country that is filled vibrant cities and natural wonders.  The exotic places you will find in every city make it a great pleasure to actually try to visit them all when you visit this wonderful country.  Due to the abundance natural wonders and fun-filled tourist attractions, the things to do in Canada are aplenty, thus making it wise to make a list to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the spectacular things you can only experience in Canada.  Here’s a short list on some of the things you may want to consider experiencing yourself when visiting Canada:

  1. Dine at Toronto’s CN Tower – described by many architects and civil engineers as a marvel of modern civil engineering, Toronto’s CN Tower is a breathtaking structure to see in all its glory. Standing at 553 meters tall, it stood unchallenged for more than three decades as the world’s tallest tower and freestanding structure.  Any tourist visit to Toronto would never really be complete without getting to see the CN Tower.  Better yet, if you manage to reserve a table in its fine dining restaurant, you will get to see a panoramic view of the city atop the structure’s rotating platform.  This is definitely an experience you should not miss.
  2. Visiting Old Quebec – heralded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Quebec is definitely a site to behold as it provides visitors a scenic view of its historic buildings and structures on what seems like has been frozen in time. Many of the old building structures like century-old houses, citadel, ramparts, convent, Augustinian Monastery, Hotel-Dieu de Quebec, and the famous Chateau Frontenac are just some of the old structures that literally take you back in time.  Visiting Canada would be amiss if you do not visit old Quebec as this place has the capacity to literally take you back in time.
  3. Rodeo at the Calgary Stampede – held for ten days during the summer, the Calgary Stampede, heralded as ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,’ is a cowboy-style entertainment that is throwback from the time when the people of Calgary were living in a Wild West-like fashion. The cowboy style is essentially a heritage they acknowledge and is done annually featuring a ten-day event of cowboy-filled fun, games, shows, competition, wagon race, and other cowboy-related entertainment.  If you are headed for Canada during summer, particularly in the early days of July, make sure not to miss this cowboy-filled fun event and rodeo-filled entertainment as it is likely one that you will never forget.
  4. Zipline at the Canada Olympic Park – located on the mountains west of Calgary, the contemporary structures built for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games were actually used for some of the events held during the XV Winter Olympics. Visiting the site, you will be greeted by weird contemporary structures that look like they have just sprouted out of the ground.  The park is home to many adrenaline pumping attractions.  Of course, one of the must-try for those visiting the park is the zipline.  The zipline consists of 3 lines – Trainer, Plaza, and Monster.  The Trainer is where you will learn how to ride the zipline.   The Plaza is where you will hit speeds of up to 80kph.  The Monster, considered as North America’s fastest zipline, will allow you to blaze at speeds of 120kph.  Children who are 12 years of age and below are required to be accompanied by an adult.